Monday, December 23, 2013

Working with Inspiration as a Writer

"Where do you get your ideas from?"

One of the most common questions creators get asked!

Well I will tell you. There is a distant lake filled to the brim with ideas. You just hike there, fill up your cup and drink it. Then the ideas start percolating in your head until you write them down in order to catch them.

Or something like that.

For me, ideas come in all forms. It can be as simple as seeing a street sign, an expression on a stranger's face, or snatches of music.

The internet is a GIFT for creators everywhere.

I was watching a youtube video with my son the other day, and all of a sudden I KNEW with a CERTAINTY what needed to be on the cover of Book 2. Then I started searching images on Pinterest. It was amazing. The idea started creating more ideas. It was like surfing on that creativity lake. The spray from the surfboard was rife with ideas. All I had to do was dip a finger in and come away with plenty.

If you have a project, and you've stalled out, may I suggest you get your hiking boots on and head for the lake. If you can't do that, start hanging out on Pinterest or Google images and let the ideas come to you. (Just be careful, Google images is kind of notorious for not being careful about raw nudity.)

If music is more your thing, then crank up your favorite tunes, or better yet, visit Imcompetech and choose 'Soundtrack' and 'Suspenseful'. You'll get music soundbites that will light a fire under your butt like you won't believe.

Work with what is around you, and feed that inspiration. It's everywhere, you just have to taste it.

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