Sunday, December 22, 2013

Oh What A Feeling, Seeing's Believing

That song popped into my head when I thought about writing today's post.

A lady bought my book and brought it to church today so I could sign it between Sunday School classes. Funny!

So I got to autograph my book for the first time, and wow! What a neat feeling! Someone cared enough to have me sign their copy of my book!

Just had to write about it.

Writers, artists, musicians, creators of any kind, are useless without an audience. If people want to hear your music or your story, then you're validated to keep on creating. Not that creating in and of itself isn't just makes it more meaningful when someone else's ears or eyes are involved in appreciating your creation.

Personally, I do enjoy writing for the sake of it. But there is a special something about having someone else like what you do. I guess it's that bone-deep search for approval that we're all born with.

If you're a creator, keep creating! If you're the only one that appreciates what you do, that's fine. But I wish you success so that you can feel that approval from an audience. It's very nice.

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