What's Next?

Rise of the Battle Bred is a trilogy encompassing the three remaining lives of a Warrior descended from Warloch-created soldiers who were bred to battle. The soldiers each had 99 lives with which to fight to victory.

The ancient and immortal wizards, Warlochs, formed a pact amongst themselves to rule the world together. They created a race of Warriors to fight their battles, but alas...the Warriors had minds of their own, and revolted.

97 is the book in which we meet young Warrior William McLeod. He is on his 97th life when he meets a girl who he could see spending the rest of his life defending, protecting and loving.

As you might have guessed, Book 2 is called 98.

I've already begun writing the story, or should I say, the story is writing itself and I am merely translating it into book form from the landscape of my wacky imagination.

As 97 hits the virtual bookshelves, I will be advancing the story of these brave soldiers and their efforts to finally overthrow the Warlochs.

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