Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Littlest Things

When I began writing 97 in January of 2013, I was excited to build this world of ancient magic merging with modern science. I loved the idea of weaponized humans striving to live peacefully, and powerful magicians feeling impotent.

What I never expected, during the whole year of writing and editing and finessing, was what an unbelievable thrill it would be to have people read my book, and genuinely love it!

I had no idea what a perk it would be to hear someone compliment a storyline or a plot device, or bring up things they liked in the story that I liked too when I wrote it.

Today, Christmas day, as I enjoyed family time and a truly wonderful day, I had the keenest delight when a friend informed me that she was excited to receive 97 as one of her Christmas gifts!

It was an unexpected pleasure, a frisson of delight, to think that something I created brought some joy and anticipation to someone else on this Blessed Day.

I just wanted to record what a thrill it was to enjoy the Littlest Things.

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