Thursday, December 26, 2013

People Build Things

I was explaining the Free Market system to my five-year old. So yeah, it was a pretty basic explanation involving the use of fake Christmas trees, books, grocery stores and cars. You know, somebody decides to make plastic Christmas trees, and they use part of their money to make more, and part of their money to buy other things like books or groceries. And the grocery store owner does the same thing and so on.

And I'm feeling this incredible gratitude for the people who have bought my book!

And some of them have even reviewed it on Amazon!

And while I'm an utter noob to the whole world of marketing, I know enough to appreciate when someone shares my Facebook page or my book trailer on YouTube or writes a review on Amazon.

Those things all add up to a network of people sharing something they love, and it completely validates my time spent writing.

Thank you for being part of something truly wonderful as I continue to build the exciting 97 universe.


  1. You're welcome, Victoria. Can't wait to read your book. And I love the sparkly ornament photo.

  2. :) I have mentioned a very special witch in 97, and it's rife with warlocks.