Friday, April 17, 2015

The Pathway to One-Clicking Your Book

I'm starting a series with my blog on exploring the whys and wherefores of buying a given book. I'd like to talk about thought processes I have gone through to buy a book, and maybe give myself some marketing tips as a result! What makes you buy a book? I'd like to invite some authors along on this journey too, so stay tuned.
The most recent book I purchased was as a result of attending a book release party. (For tips on hosting a fantastic Facebook book release party, read here.) I don't *always* purchase the books at a release party...oh wait. Yes, yes I do. Unless I win a book at the giveaway. I have hosted my own release parties, and have definitely reaped the rewards of such in sales. But we can't have release parties every weekend! So we need more ideas! I bought a full price book a couple weeks ago as a result of a great blurb and a sponsored ad on Facebook. This could be valuable information to an author, and I did happen to let her know that I saw the ad, read the blurb, and bought the book.
Finally, I've recently experienced a rash of one-clicking book purchases. These have been a direct result of in-your-face promotions announcing the cheap price of .99 combined with great covers! To sum up:
Ads put the cover in front of people. The cover needs to be smashing. The price needs to match a person's willingness to risk the purchase.
Nothing I've said here is new, but it does beg the question: what am I doing to get my title out there, and what are you doing? Good luck.

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