Monday, June 15, 2015

Buying a Book Unseen? One Author Spills the Beans on Cover Designs

Victoria Clapton, Yogini and Author of three paranormal books, agreed to share what makes her buy a book. Read on:



What inspires me to purchase a book?

I am almost ashamed to say that I am guilty of judging a book by its cover, but unfortunately I am. Unless I have heard about a book via a friend or some sort of social media, I almost always check out the cover before I read the descriptive blurb.  A few times when the cover design caught my intrigue, I have bought the book without knowing what sort of story the book contained.  Then again, I have bought many, many books with uninspiring covers that were still great reads.

Alas, I am a dichotomy.  When an indie author has written a book, I approach it differently.  In fact, I almost rarely look at the book cover at all and move on to the description.  Sometimes it is a struggle to get a perfect eye-catching cover when one is an indie author, and a reader might miss a truly captivating tale if they passed over a novel simply because the cover lacked appeal.  And occasionally, if I’ve related to some sort of quality of the indie author’s personality, I will buy the book sight unseen.  

I have read Ms. Clapton's books, and they are filled with angst, the truest love, and adventure. Pick up your copies today!

Southern-born Victoria Clapton is no stranger to writing.  She completed her first book of poetry at age eight and her first novel at age thirteen. Multilingual, friend to all creatures, (and in particular, especially a friend to cats in need of rescue), Victoria is a forever curious world traveler with a mysterious knowledge of things and places that encompass many lives ago, an avid collector of saga books,  a practicing vegetarian and yogini with her feet well balanced  in earth’s splendor.  She and her cat companion, Oona, enjoy all things Viking, faery, vampire, new writing instruments, herbology and anime.  

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