Tuesday, December 9, 2014


It's been too long! In my defense, I spent the entire month of November writing a book! I didn't know I could do it, so that was a very awesome thing to learn about myself. Just a City Boy is now available on Amazon.com as an eBook.

Zack Daniels suffers from PTSD and headaches as a result of his time spent in Afghanistan. He roams Detroit in job after job, not really knowing what he wants out of life, except to get rid of his headaches. He might have a chance, if he could just scrape up enough money.

Lauren Beckers is a displaced Southerner, eking out a pleasant existence as a waitress by day and a lounge singer by night. She knows she can make it big if the right person comes along and sees her act. She's never met a stranger and by all appearances, is one tough cookie. She just can't get rid of her loafer ex-boyfriend.

When Zack and Lauren meet, it's curiosity at first sight. Zack tries to mug Lauren as a last ditch effort to get some money for treatment, but she outwits him only to run into some Mickey Cobras...one of Detroit's most infamous gangs. Together they escape, only to discover they have a special connection that could bind them closer together or rip them apart.

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