Monday, February 10, 2014

Daydreaming About Twilight's Marketing Team

Just think about it. If us Indie authors had the power and backing of Twilight's publishing far could our work go?

Pretty dang far.

Over 100 million copies sold. Translated into 37 different languages.
Twilight_Cover by vampynicole

Of course, the things we love about independent publishing might also be gone.

For example, I LOVE my cover and I don't know if a publishing house would let me have the leeway I want with regard to my cover designs. (Thanks Navy House!)

Same goes for story concept and creative license and all the things that make up our stories that we would be loathe to change.

Until the day our books get BIG we might have to wonder though...would a House make us change this that and the other, and in turn...would we sell 100 million copies?

Write on.

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